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Effective July 1, 2023, bariatric surgery coverage will be available exclusively through the SurgeryPlus benefit. This assures State of Delaware Aetna/Highmark Delaware members will have access to surgeons and facilities that meet strict credentialing guidelines, leading to the highest quality care possible. Visit the SurgeryPlus page to learn more.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. In fiscal year 2022, approximately 1 in 6 of our active employee and early retiree Group Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) members had an episode of treatment for diabetes or an indication of pre-diabetes at a cost of over $126.4 million dollars and representing over 15.1% of total healthcare expenditures. Diabetes puts people at risk for nerve damage, cardiovascular disease, foot and limb injuries, vision problems, and other complications that arise from having uncontrolled blood sugar. Diabetes also raises a person’s risk of having severe symptoms and complications from COVID-19. The good news is that prediabetes and diabetes are treatable. Information about diabetes prevention and management resources available to members of a State of Delaware non-Medicare health plan can be found on the Diabetes Resources page.


The HMO Plan and CDH Gold Plan are funded by the State of Delaware Group Health Fund through health premiums paid by you and the State. These plans are administered by Aetna.