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Employee Spotlight – Testimonials

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Most Recent Testimonial

“I spent a good part of 2020 experiencing various and unexplainable symptoms, which led to seeing different specialists and getting tests done trying to figure out what was wrong. One provider suggested that I might need to have my gallbladder removed, so I called SurgeryPlus. The Care Advocate explained that the benefit would cover a consultation even if the result was that I didn’t need surgery. Unfortunately, the nearest provider in their network for that procedure was in New York City. SP would have covered travel costs and a hotel, but that wasn’t feasible for me during the pandemic, so I used my health plan network to locate a provider for that consultation. Ultimately an endoscopy and colonoscopy were recommended, and luckily for me, the SurgeryPlus network had a provider in Newark for those procedures. My Care Advocate helped schedule the appointment and coordinated all my medical records and test results ahead of the procedure. I received a debit card in the mail for gas. The procedure went well, and I finally got a diagnosis! The SurgeryPlus benefit also covered my follow-up appointment to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan. Several months later, I received the financial incentive. I highly recommend this benefit to anyone who is told they might need surgery.

I do wish the network included more providers in Delaware, but I understand that their requirements are strict to ensure quality and safety. This gave me peace of mind about the procedure. I also learned that the financial incentive is based on an “episode of care,” so I only received one incentive even though I had two procedures done. I had to call a few times to get the financial incentive, and the debit card got lost in the mail, but I got the money in the end. Don’t throw away the debit card they send, even if you don’t use it for gas – they will load the financial incentive onto the same card later.”

~Kelly C., Dept. of Human Resources

Archived Testimonials

“I used Amwell last evening and it was a very positive experience. I called my PCP because I had a sinus infection. They said they could not get me in until Thursday. They told me to go to a walk-in and I thought, “no way.” Instead, I contacted Amwell. Their customer service is top notch. I downloaded the app and within minutes I was speaking to a doctor who was knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. She did not rush me. She treated my sinus infection and also gave me some helpful suggestions for a long-term medical issue that I have. This was at 6:00 pm! I’m just amazed by how well it went. She sent my prescription to the pharmacy within minutes too. Also, there was no co-pay for the service. WOW!! I plan to spread the good word about Amwell. I am very happy with the services that they provided.”

~Susan L., Dept. of Human Resources

“The CDH Gold with HRA is my health plan and it has been the best choice (platinum) for me from the first year available.

During the past nine years I have not paid out of pocket for any medical related expenses, excluding of course prescriptions, dental care, and eye care. This includes copays (sick/well visits, etc.), labs, imaging, medical equipment, and one ER visit. At no time did I need to pay cash, provide a credit/debit card, or write a check. All amounts have been paid via the state funded HRA associated with the plan, plus unused funds rolled into the next plan year, if you continue in the plan. Just so you know... Really like the rollover.

This plan is not for everyone and will not necessarily work for you as it has for me, however as a reasonably healthy individual who visits my PCP regularly, keeps to the preventative schedules, including imaging and lab work, specialist visits, vaccinations, some physical therapy plus an occasional urgent care visit it can be an excellent option.”

~Angela T., Dept. of Health & Social Services

“My husband and I had always discussed the possibilities of LASIK eye surgery for our daughter. Her dream is to be a pilot in the US Airforce. However, she has worn glasses since she was three, which we knew may hinder her dream. I was frustrated with our last eye appointment and decided to contact Delta Dental because I heard they offered discounts for LASIK eye surgery. The representative I spoke to was so helpful and friendly, she discussed the options, costs and the two facilities we could choose from. She told me that Delta Dental offered the best discounts for LASIK eye surgery, which was so great to hear since I had no idea what the cost would be or if we could afford it. Once we reviewed the cost and payment plan options, I asked about my oldest daughter, since she also wears glasses and contacts. After answering a few questions about the girls, we were able to schedule an appointment for that week! We went for the consults and both girls were perfect candidates for surgery. We set up surgery for the following Saturday. I am happy to report that our oldest daughter now has 20/15 vision and our youngest has 20/25. She has a three month consult to determine if she will need a second surgery to finalize the corrections and improve her vision to 20/20. I cannot say enough about how wonderful this experience has been. The greatest part is that my girls no longer need glasses or contact lenses.”

~Dawn W., Dept. of Human Resources

“I used to go to a walk-in clinic for a recurring issue, which meant waiting to be seen and then a separate trip to fill a prescription. I worried I would have to make an unnecessary trip to the Emergency Room if the walk-in clinic was unavailable on the weekend.

A colleague suggested I try Doctor on Demand and showed me how to download the app on my phone. I had never done a videoconference with a doctor before, but she said there was no appointment, no wait, no copay, and they can pull up records of previous visits. When I went home and tried it, I thought, “Wow, this is pretty cool!”

When I made my account, I put in my medical history and current medications so they would have a good history of my issue. Then I took out my phone, pushed a button, and boom - I was in! I have never been in the virtual “waiting room” for more than five minutes and the doctors are very nice and very knowledgeable. There’s always a survey at the end about how they can improve their service.

The doctor I spoke to most recently read my history and ran a cross-check on my medication to make sure there would be no dangerous interactions before phoning my prescription directly to my pharmacy. This is so much more convenient; I don’t have to miss school, and I can do it from the privacy of my home. Plus, there’s no bill! I will definitely keep using this service in the future.”

~Melanie T., Laurel School District

“I recently used Doctor on Demand for a minor health issue. I was able to schedule the appointment at 6 a.m., a time that was convenient for me before I started the rest of my day. I was given the option to use the app on my phone or the webcam on my laptop. I signed into the site at the time of my appointment and waited fewer than five minutes for the doctor. The doctor was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and my prescription was sent to the pharmacy immediately. The best part was that I didn’t have to take additional time out of my already busy day and visit an office during cold and flu season in order to get the medical help I needed. I have since recommended using the telemedicine services to multiple people. The convenience and ease of use is beyond compare.”

~Michelle K., Delaware Technical Community College

“I recently enrolled in the Livongo program and am very pleased with it. My meter and test strips arrived just days after I became a member. Knowing that I can get test strips when I need them and not having to worry about running out, or waiting for a prescription to be filled, encourages me to test regularly. I also like the informative, helpful tips and suggestions the meter provides. It’s great having a digital log that I can share with my physician. The Livongo system makes it so easy to monitor your glucose levels, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t!”

~Sue T., Dept. of Correction

“Just a few comments about the Livongo Glucose Meter Program offered through the Statewide Benefits Office...

I've been metering since 2002 and have used a variety of meters. As the years have gone by, Medicare and the other insurers have become more and more restrictive in the coverage of testing supplies.

I recently changed doctors, and she recommended I test 2 to 4 times a day, but Medicare would only cover one. Just as she was about to enter an appeal of their decision, I received the Benefits Office mailing for the Livongo Meter with unlimited strips. The timing was perfect, and the endocrinologist, after reviewing the product literature, said, “Go for it!”

I've been using the Livongo meter since the beginning of August, and I am quite impressed with the benefits associated with the meter. It transmits each test result to Livongo, which stores the info and generates detailed reports that I can send to the doctor's office, review on the web on my computer and print out, or monitor on my Livongo phone app. The Livongo phone app also connects with my phone health app to record steps and other health info. After each test, the meter offers feedback about the results and makes suggestions for dietary changes or other tips.

The meter uploads to Livongo after each test, and if the reading is exceptionally high or low, a diabetes counselor will text you right away. I had one low reading, and they checked on me immediately, made food suggestions, and had me repeat the test after 15 minutes to see if there was improvement.

The meter and reports show highs, lows, averages, and track what time of day each test is made, i.e., before breakfast, after lunch, etc. It also asks how you are feeling with each test - I feel fine, I feel lightheaded, etc.

One of the things my endocrinologists have emphasized over the years is that the goal of metering is for me to learn how my body responds to various foods, meals, exercise routines, etc., and incorporate what I have learned into a successful treatment plan. By testing 3-4 times a day, rather than just once, I am able to much better monitor my body's response.

All and all, this seems like a great program - and I am sure my improved self-care will result in lowered medical interventions by the professionals.

Thanks so much for making this available to us as a benefit! I hope it will continue in the future.”

~Joe A., Retired State Employee

“I tried Teladoc for the first time. It is a life changer! I waited about ten minutes for the doctor to call. He was very thorough with his questions, attentive, and nice. The call was not real long (another bonus). This benefit is WONDERFUL. I wish I would have tried it sooner! The best part is I didn’t have to sit in a walk-in with a room full of sick people and wait HOURS! I am so impressed!!!! I will definitely be using it again!”

~Melinda P., Dept. of Human Resources