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Most Recent Testimonial

“If you would have told me at this time last year that I would celebrate a one-year anniversary with the Hinge Health program, I would have never imagined it was possible. The program caught my eye because I could do therapy at my own pace, with my own Health Coach and Physical Therapist, and it was FREE!

I joined Hinge Health due to moderate to severe shoulder pain that I had been having for almost two years. The pain interfered with not only simple daily activities such as carrying a bag of groceries, pushing a vacuum, reaching to put an item on a shelf, dressing myself, and washing my hair. It also hampered my daily job performance.

With the unwavering support and encouragement of my health coach Sarah, and the awe-inspiring Hinge Health community, not only has my shoulder pain improved, but my entire well-being has been uplifted. This program gave me the confidence to prioritize a healthy lifestyle and daily exercise. I went from barely being able to walk two city blocks in over five years to walking at least 3 miles every day. My hip and bone health have also dramatically improved! I am so much happier at work being able to accomplish many of my duties pain free.

I am flourishing in my life now. My family, friends, and coworkers have been astonished by my transformation. I even received a card from one of my administrative team members commenting on what a difference she has seen in my overall health and happiness. A co-worker also joined Hinge Health due to my ongoing progress and success.

If I had known all the hidden benefits this wellness program had to offer, I would have joined sooner! I’m so grateful to the State of Delaware for offering the Hinge Health program and hope that many other State of Delaware employees take advantage of the program. I am a tried-and-true testament to the power of the Hinge Health program.”

~Jennifer H., Cape Henlopen School District

Archived Testimonials

“The CDH Gold with HRA is my health plan and it has been the best choice (platinum) for me from the first year available.

During the past nine years I have not paid out of pocket for any medical related expenses, excluding of course prescriptions, dental care, and eye care. This includes copays (sick/well visits, etc.), labs, imaging, medical equipment, and one ER visit. At no time did I need to pay cash, provide a credit/debit card, or write a check. All amounts have been paid via the state funded HRA associated with the plan, plus unused funds rolled into the next plan year, if you continue in the plan. Just so you know... Really like the rollover.

This plan is not for everyone and will not necessarily work for you as it has for me, however as a reasonably healthy individual who visits my PCP regularly, keeps to the preventative schedules, including imaging and lab work, specialist visits, vaccinations, some physical therapy plus an occasional urgent care visit it can be an excellent option.”

~Angela T., Dept. of Health & Social Services

“I spend all day listening to other people’s problems, and I consider myself well-educated about mental and behavioral health. However, it’s always harder to apply that knowledge to myself. I eat well, I sleep well, I have hobbies, and I thought that as a man, I wasn’t susceptible to emotional distress – until the pandemic and other job-related stressors caused reactions that I did not understand.

When I saw an email about Aetna’s Behavioral Health AbleTo program, I decided to give them a call and find out if there was anything else I could do to take care of myself. I was told what to expect and scheduled weekly phone calls with a therapist and a behavior coach (who was also a registered nurse). Evening appointments worked around my schedule, and it was nice not having to get dressed up to go anywhere.

The therapist and behavior coach took a team approach that included me as an active participant in addressing my problems. They administered assessments and gave me language to identify that I was experiencing burnout. They were firm, sensitive, and knowledgeable as we implemented tools and strategies like staying hydrated, meditating regularly, and noticing my feelings. I committed to trying their recommendations and found them really beneficial. I reflect more, I am more conscious of identifying my moods, and I’ve learned breathing exercises that I can perform during stressful situations on the job.

At the end of the eight weeks, they said they were sorry to see me go, but they did not recommend additional therapy or interventions. They said I’d get a follow-up call in a few months to check in and see how I’m doing. We all agreed I had made great process.

I’m sharing my experience because I want people to know this can be a really positive experience. I’m starting to get a crusader mentality about mental health and shaking off the stigma.”

~Jim, Delaware Courts

“My husband and I had always discussed the possibilities of LASIK eye surgery for our daughter. Her dream is to be a pilot in the US Airforce. However, she has worn glasses since she was three, which we knew may hinder her dream. I was frustrated with our last eye appointment and decided to contact Delta Dental because I heard they offered discounts for LASIK eye surgery. The representative I spoke to was so helpful and friendly, she discussed the options, costs and the two facilities we could choose from. She told me that Delta Dental offered the best discounts for LASIK eye surgery, which was so great to hear since I had no idea what the cost would be or if we could afford it. Once we reviewed the cost and payment plan options, I asked about my oldest daughter, since she also wears glasses and contacts. After answering a few questions about the girls, we were able to schedule an appointment for that week! We went for the consults and both girls were perfect candidates for surgery. We set up surgery for the following Saturday. I am happy to report that our oldest daughter now has 20/15 vision and our youngest has 20/25. She has a three month consult to determine if she will need a second surgery to finalize the corrections and improve her vision to 20/20. I cannot say enough about how wonderful this experience has been. The greatest part is that my girls no longer need glasses or contact lenses.”

~Dawn W., Dept. of Human Resources

“A representative from Highmark contacted me shortly after I started my current job. She went over several of the additional benefits. After an assessment of what my needs are/were, she had other representatives contact me. I enrolled in the Blue 365 Discount Program, made a purchase, and joined a local gym at a nicely discounted price! It’s been about a year since I spoke to those very patient people, but I remember their concern and assistance.”

~Julie C., Delaware Technical Community College

“I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible impact the Hinge Health program has had on my life. The transformation I've experienced in my back health is nothing short of remarkable, and I owe it all to the Hinge Health program, along with my coach Jaya, who pushes me through each session with encouragement.

Before I started the program, I struggled with simple tasks like bending over. Now, I perform these movements effortlessly, and it's all thanks to the tailored exercises, guidance, and support this program provided. The Hinge Health platform not only improved my physical well-being, but also empowered me mentally and emotionally.

am truly grateful for the dedication and expertise of the Hinge Health team. The positive, encouraging environment they’ve created made every step of this journey achievable. This program didn't just enhance my flexibility; it gave me back the freedom to fully engage in life without the limitations I once faced.

Your program is more than just exercises; it's a life-changing experience, and I am living proof of its effectiveness. I will continue to recommend Hinge Health to everyone I know because I believe in the power of what it offers.”

~Stef P., University of Delaware

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~Jenn H., Cape Henlopen School District

“I love this app! I am very happy I took a second look at the email that DHR sent out and made the decision to give it a try.

I have been living with debilitating lower back and hip pain for a long time, caused by sitting for long periods at my desk. When I read the email about the Hinge Health app I was skeptical at first, thinking “can this really help?” I have never personally tried any of the other programs offered by the Statewide Benefits Office, so I thought, “Sure, why not? It can’t hurt.” I was tired of being in pain and willing to try almost anything.

Months later, I am still happily using the app. I try to complete one workout every day. I have never enjoyed working out, but this app makes it so easy to fit into my day. While the stretches in the program are very basic, they really make a big difference. Now that I am no longer in pain all of the time, I have more energy and more motivation, so much so, that in addition to the Hinge Health workouts, I also go to the gym or walk daily.

Of course, I still have bad days with back pain, but they are becoming fewer and further between as I continue using the Hinge Health app.

Thank you to the State Benefits Office for bringing this app/program to State of Delaware employees.”

~Kate W., Department of Correction

“I enrolled in Livongo [Diabetes Monitoring Program] as soon as it became available, and I am very pleased with the program. Every time I take a reading, Livongo provides a healthy tip. My favorite feature, though, is their follow-up.

Besides a reading number, you are provided with a color code:

  • Green: Within range. Keep up the good work message.
  • Yellow: Caution, lower or higher than it should be, with a message advising of the appropriate range.
  • Red: Danger (too low or too high). A Livongo Rep will contact you to see if you are ok.

Only one time did my number go in the red zone (too low). I was home alone at the time and was very pleased that they called to check on me. You can also set up the readings to automatically be shared with a family member or your physician’s office.”

~Therese L., Dept. of Human Resources

“I recently enrolled in the Livongo program and am very pleased with it. My meter and test strips arrived just days after I became a member. Knowing that I can get test strips when I need them and not having to worry about running out, or waiting for a prescription to be filled, encourages me to test regularly. I also like the informative, helpful tips and suggestions the meter provides. It’s great having a digital log that I can share with my physician. The Livongo system makes it so easy to monitor your glucose levels, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t!”

~Sue T., Dept. of Correction

“Just a few comments about the Livongo Glucose Meter Program offered through the Statewide Benefits Office...

I've been metering since 2002 and have used a variety of meters. As the years have gone by, Medicare and the other insurers have become more and more restrictive in the coverage of testing supplies.

I recently changed doctors, and she recommended I test 2 to 4 times a day, but Medicare would only cover one. Just as she was about to enter an appeal of their decision, I received the Benefits Office mailing for the Livongo Meter with unlimited strips. The timing was perfect, and the endocrinologist, after reviewing the product literature, said, “Go for it!”

I've been using the Livongo meter since the beginning of August, and I am quite impressed with the benefits associated with the meter. It transmits each test result to Livongo, which stores the info and generates detailed reports that I can send to the doctor's office, review on the web on my computer and print out, or monitor on my Livongo phone app. The Livongo phone app also connects with my phone health app to record steps and other health info. After each test, the meter offers feedback about the results and makes suggestions for dietary changes or other tips.

The meter uploads to Livongo after each test, and if the reading is exceptionally high or low, a diabetes counselor will text you right away. I had one low reading, and they checked on me immediately, made food suggestions, and had me repeat the test after 15 minutes to see if there was improvement.

The meter and reports show highs, lows, averages, and track what time of day each test is made, i.e., before breakfast, after lunch, etc. It also asks how you are feeling with each test - I feel fine, I feel lightheaded, etc.

One of the things my endocrinologists have emphasized over the years is that the goal of metering is for me to learn how my body responds to various foods, meals, exercise routines, etc., and incorporate what I have learned into a successful treatment plan. By testing 3-4 times a day, rather than just once, I am able to much better monitor my body's response.

All and all, this seems like a great program - and I am sure my improved self-care will result in lowered medical interventions by the professionals.

Thanks so much for making this available to us as a benefit! I hope it will continue in the future.”

~Joe A., Retired State Employee

“I spent a good part of 2020 experiencing various and unexplainable symptoms, which led to seeing different specialists and getting tests done trying to figure out what was wrong. One provider suggested that I might need to have my gallbladder removed, so I called SurgeryPlus. The Care Advocate explained that the benefit would cover a consultation even if the result was that I didn’t need surgery. Unfortunately, the nearest provider in their network for that procedure was in New York City. SP would have covered travel costs and a hotel, but that wasn’t feasible for me during the pandemic, so I used my health plan network to locate a provider for that consultation. Ultimately an endoscopy and colonoscopy were recommended, and luckily for me, the SurgeryPlus network had a provider in Newark for those procedures. My Care Advocate helped schedule the appointment and coordinated all my medical records and test results ahead of the procedure. I received a debit card in the mail for gas. The procedure went well, and I finally got a diagnosis! The SurgeryPlus benefit also covered my follow-up appointment to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan. Several months later, I received the financial incentive. I highly recommend this benefit to anyone who is told they might need surgery.

I do wish the network included more providers in Delaware, but I understand that their requirements are strict to ensure quality and safety. This gave me peace of mind about the procedure. I also learned that the financial incentive is based on an “episode of care,” so I only received one incentive even though I had two procedures done. I had to call a few times to get the financial incentive, and the debit card got lost in the mail, but I got the money in the end. Don’t throw away the debit card they send, even if you don’t use it for gas – they will load the financial incentive onto the same card later.”

~Kelly C., Dept. of Human Resources

“I have GI issues and I was due for my colonoscopy. I checked the SurgeryPlus website/information to see if that was a covered procedure. Since I have a history of problems, it was eligible. I called SurgeryPlus and had a very pleasant conversation with a representative who is now my assigned contact. I asked for a list of doctors and confirmed that my doctor participates in their network. My assigned representative has called me periodically to check on me and to see if I have questions.”

~Julie C., Delaware Technical Community College

“I tried Teladoc for the first time. It is a life changer! I waited about ten minutes for the doctor to call. He was very thorough with his questions, attentive, and nice. The call was not real long (another bonus). This benefit is WONDERFUL. I wish I would have tried it sooner! The best part is I didn’t have to sit in a walk-in with a room full of sick people and wait HOURS! I am so impressed!!!! I will definitely be using it again!”

~Melinda P., Dept. of Human Resources