Delaware Department of
Human Resources

Employee Spotlight – Testimonials

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Most Recent Testimonial

“I tried Teladoc for the first time. It is a life changer! I waited about ten minutes for the doctor to call. He was very thorough with his questions, attentive, and nice. The call was not real long (another bonus). This benefit is WONDERFUL. I wish I would have tried it sooner! The best part is I didn’t have to sit in a walk-in with a room full of sick people and wait HOURS! I am so impressed!!!! I will definitely be using it again!”
~Melinda P., Dept. of Human Resources

Archived Testimonials

“I recently enrolled in the Livongo program and am very pleased with it. My meter and test strips arrived just days after I became a member. Knowing that I can get test strips when I need them and not having to worry about running out, or waiting for a prescription to be filled, encourages me to test regularly. I also like the informative, helpful tips and suggestions the meter provides. It’s great having a digital log that I can share with my physician. The Livongo system makes it so easy to monitor your glucose levels, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t!”
~Sue T., Dept. of Correction