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Most Recent Testimonial

“Just a few comments about the Livongo Glucose Meter Program offered through the Statewide Benefits Office...

I've been metering since 2002 and have used a variety of meters. As the years have gone by, Medicare and the other insurers have become more and more restrictive in the coverage of testing supplies.

I recently changed doctors, and she recommended I test 2 to 4 times a day, but Medicare would only cover one. Just as she was about to enter an appeal of their decision, I received the Benefits Office mailing for the Livongo Meter with unlimited strips. The timing was perfect, and the endocrinologist, after reviewing the product literature, said, “Go for it!”

I've been using the Livongo meter since the beginning of August, and I am quite impressed with the benefits associated with the meter. It transmits each test result to Livongo, which stores the info and generates detailed reports that I can send to the doctor's office, review on the web on my computer and print out, or monitor on my Livongo phone app. The Livongo phone app also connects with my phone health app to record steps and other health info. After each test, the meter offers feedback about the results and makes suggestions for dietary changes or other tips.

The meter uploads to Livongo after each test, and if the reading is exceptionally high or low, a diabetes counselor will text you right away. I had one low reading, and they checked on me immediately, made food suggestions, and had me repeat the test after 15 minutes to see if there was improvement.

The meter and reports show highs, lows, averages, and track what time of day each test is made, i.e., before breakfast, after lunch, etc. It also asks how you are feeling with each test - I feel fine, I feel lightheaded, etc.

One of the things my endocrinologists have emphasized over the years is that the goal of metering is for me to learn how my body responds to various foods, meals, exercise routines, etc., and incorporate what I have learned into a successful treatment plan. By testing 3-4 times a day, rather than just once, I am able to much better monitor my body's response.

All and all, this seems like a great program - and I am sure my improved self-care will result in lowered medical interventions by the professionals.

Thanks so much for making this available to us as a benefit! I hope it will continue in the future.”

~Joe A., Retired State Employee

Archived Testimonials

“I recently enrolled in the Livongo program and am very pleased with it. My meter and test strips arrived just days after I became a member. Knowing that I can get test strips when I need them and not having to worry about running out, or waiting for a prescription to be filled, encourages me to test regularly. I also like the informative, helpful tips and suggestions the meter provides. It’s great having a digital log that I can share with my physician. The Livongo system makes it so easy to monitor your glucose levels, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t!”

~Sue T., Dept. of Correction

“I tried Teladoc for the first time. It is a life changer! I waited about ten minutes for the doctor to call. He was very thorough with his questions, attentive, and nice. The call was not real long (another bonus). This benefit is WONDERFUL. I wish I would have tried it sooner! The best part is I didn’t have to sit in a walk-in with a room full of sick people and wait HOURS! I am so impressed!!!! I will definitely be using it again!”

~Melinda P., Dept. of Human Resources