Delaware Department of
Human Resources


Secretary Amy BonnerIt's our hope that the Delaware Department of Human Resources’ website will help connect you with the Department and the resources available to you as a current, retired, or prospective employee with the State of Delaware.

The Department of Human Resources (DHR) provides support and administers programs in areas such as Personnel Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Labor Relations and Employment Practices, Statewide Benefits, and Women’s Advancement and Advocacy. You can find links to all DHR sections and more information about their operations on this website.

Whether you’re looking for information about how to apply for State of Delaware Jobs or Training and Development opportunities, DHR is working to meet your needs. We hope that you find the information on our website helpful.

Feel free to contact me or any member of my staff as we continue our efforts to provide excellent service.

Secretary Amy Bonner

Amy Bonner, Secretary