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Lactation Rooms

Guidelines for Nursing Mothers state that agencies shall designate a location, other than a bathroom, for nursing mothers to express milk, that is shielded from view and free from intrusion from co-workers and the public. Agencies must also provide reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for up to one (1) year after the birth of a child. The employee must be completely relieved from duty or the time must be compensated as work time. Breaks for expressing breast milk shall not be considered FMLA leave.

Please reach out to your HR Representative about the location and procedure for using a lactation space.

Check out this resource on best practices for creating a lactation room

Employee Assistance Program

The ComPsych® GuidanceResources® program is a FREE program available exclusively for State of Delaware Group Health Plan non-Medicare members and their dependents. The program offers someone to talk to and resources to consult whenever and wherever you need them. Members can call the toll-free number at 877-527-4742 directly for 24/7 access to a GuidanceConsultant℠, who will answer your questions and, if needed, refer you to a counselor or other resources such as work-life, legal and financial support.

Register for online (WebID: State of Delaware) for access to articles, podcasts, videos, webinars, and other helpful tools. Once you register, you will have access to everything ComPsych has to offer including:

  • Hundreds of articles covering a large breadth of topics such as overall wellness, relationships, work and education, finances, legal assistance, and even lifestyle topics such as planning an event or travel.

  • Dozens of online On-Demand Trainings on various topics including: Managing Stress, Balancing relationships, Time Management, and Financial Management.

  • You can also find referrals for a: Counselor, Lawyer, Certified Financial Planner, Child Care, and Elder Care