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The Delaware Women’s Hall of Fame

The Delaware Women’s Hall of Fame was established in 1981 to recognize the achievements of outstanding Delaware women and their contributions to communities across the state. The induction ceremony is the oldest annual celebration of its kind commemorating Delaware women. Members represent a variety of professional fields and backgrounds, including artists, athletes, community advocates, military personnel, public servants, and scientists. There is no minimum age requirement, but nominees are only eligible if they have made an important and lasting impact upon the lives of Delawareans, and if they have resided in the state for at least 10 years during their lifetime.

To see who has already been inducted, check out the full list  of the incredible women in the Delaware Women's Hall of Fame. Additionally, the Office of Women’s Advancement commissioned Delaware Artist, Theresa Walton, to create watercolor portraits of each woman inducted. We invite you to visit the Delaware Women’s Hall of Fame website where you can not only see each of the portraits, but also read more about each of the inductees.

Every year, the Delaware Women’s Hall of Fame Committee solicits applications from the public. The committee then meets and reviews the applications utilizing the grading rubric . In July, the honorees are publicly announced. The induction ceremony typically takes place in the fall and includes a dinner reception followed by an awards program.

The 2023 Nomination Cycle is now open. Applications for the Delaware Women’s Hall of Fame must be received no later than midnight EST on April 8, 2023. The online application form is the only application accepted. The online application form can be saved and worked on for 30 days. If you choose to save your progress, you will be provided with a link to access your application. Be sure to copy the link and save it in a safe place as OWAA does not have access to your unique link and cannot provide it to you. You will have the option for the link to be emailed to you. You can use this link any time within the next 30 days to resume answering questions on the form. Upon visiting this save and resume link, file uploads will need to be resubmitted. Without the link, the data you have entered cannot be retrieved, and you will have to start filling out the form at the beginning. Be sure to complete and submit the application within 30 days. We suggest writing your answers in a Word document and saving them as you go. Once you are happy with your answers, copy and paste them into the form to submit the application. Late applications will not be considered.

Supporting information may be included; however, it is not required. Materials submitted must be formatted into a word document or a PDF file. All materials must be printable (eg. We do not accept video submissions or links). Examples of supporting materials may include letters of support, articles, obituaries, list of awards and / or honors, and photos. Supporting information may not exceed a total of six pages of materials. For example, you can submit three two-page letters of recommendation, or two three-page articles, or a combination of a two-page letter and a four-page article, as long as the combination of uploads does not exceed a total of six pages. Please format materials carefully as the selection committee will only receive the first six pages of any materials submitted.

If you have questions about the application process, please read through the FAQs . If you need further assistance, please email the Office of Women’s Advancement & Advocacy or call (302) 577-8970.