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Spouse and Spousal Coordination of Benefits

Covering a Spouse and Spousal Coordination of Benefits (COB) Policy

There are two important questions to consider before enrolling your spouse in a State of Delaware health plan with prescription coverage:

  1. Is your spouse employed full-time or retired from an employer that offers health insurance?

  2. Is your spouse responsible for 50% or less of the premium for the lowest active or retiree health plan available to them?

If you answered “Yes” to both of these questions, then your spouse is most likely required to enroll in his or her employer’s coverage.

IMPORTANT: If you cover your spouse in one of the State of Delaware’s health plans, you MUST complete a Spousal COB Form during initial enrollment, EACH YEAR during Open Enrollment and anytime their employment or insurance status changes. Failure to complete the Spousal COB Form and/or provide additional documentation when required may result in a reduction of spousal benefits.