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Human Resources

Non-Medicare Prescription Plan - Express Scripts

Diabetic Program

The State of Delaware recognizes that members who are diabetic are healthier when they take prescribed diabetic medications regularly and adhere to the glucose testing protocol their doctors advise. To make it easier for you to maintain your health:

  • Under your State of Delaware prescription plan, diabetic supplies (lancets, test strips, syringes/needles) provided via Express Scripts, either at a participating retail pharmacy, a 90-day participating retail pharmacy, or The Express Scripts Pharmacy (mail order) may be obtained at no cost. You are not required to obtain your supplies at the same time as your diabetic medications.

  • Diabetic medications filled at a 90-day participating retail pharmacy or The Express Scripts Pharmacy and purchased at the same time may be obtained for just one co-pay. For example, if you fill two generic 90-day diabetic medications at the same time, you will pay the generic copay for the first medication, and the second medication will be at no cost.

  • Diabetic medications are considered to be maintenance medications and must be filled in accordance with the Maintenance Medication Program. These medications must be filled as 90-day prescriptions to avoid a penalty copay after receiving three 30-day prescriptions. Additional information is listed above under Maintenance Medication Program.

Medicare Part B

Some diabetic medications and supplies are covered through Medicare Part B for those enrolled in Medicare Part B. Prescriptions for these diabetic medications and supplies will first be processed through Medicare Part B and then through Express Scripts Medicare.

Questions about specific diabetic medications and supplies covered through Medicare Part B may be answered by calling Express Scripts Medicare Member Services at 1-877-680-4883.