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For the FY24 Plan Year (July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024), the State is giving employees a one-time plan contribution of $125, which will be prorated based on the date of enrollment. Eligible employees must contribute at least the FY24 plan year minimum of $125 in order to receive the plan contribution. This plan contribution can be added to either the Dependent Care FSA OR the Health Care FSA, but not both. If you select to use the $125 for dependent care, your maximum contribution cannot exceed $4,875 since $5,000 is the federal limit for dependent care reimbursement. If you select to use the $125 for health care, your maximum contribution cannot exceed $3,050, and the $125 will be added to your election for a maximum of $3,175.

ASIFlex now offers a Direct Pay option for Dependent Care participants and their day care providers. No need to file claims anymore! This benefit allows participants to set up scheduled and automatic payment(s) to a care provider of their choice. To set up authorization for recurring services, login to your Account Details in the ASIFlex employee portal today. For questions regarding Direct Pay setup please contact ASIFlex Customer Service at 800-659-3035.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

ASIFlex offers two distinct flexible spending account (FSA) options for benefit-eligible State of Delaware employees:

Health Care FSA: Qualified expenses include medical, dental, vision and prescriptions for you & your dependents.

Dependent Care FSA: Qualified expenses include care for the protection and well-being of a child (under age 13) or elder dependent while you work. Examples include before and after school care, child daycare and camps, and elder care.

FSA – Wellness, Discounts, and Services

There are thousands of over-the-counter (OTC) health care products eligible under Health Care FSAs! The ASIFlex FSA Store is exclusively stocked with eligible products that are reimbursable. The site also offers tools and resources to help you better understand and use your funds. Shop the FSA Store now.