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The Office of Women's Advancement and Advocacy (OWAA) is responsible for overseeing the State's women's right work, including leading the ongoing implementation of women's rights legislation, evaluating current women's rights legislation, building support for new legislation, and advising the Governor's Office, the Legislature and the Secretary of the Department of Human Resources. The office will review and report on the status of women in the State as well as provide information on the status of women to the public, state agencies, the General Assembly, the Judiciary, organizations, businesses and institutions, when necessary. The Office of Women's Advancement and Advocacy also oversees the Delaware Commission for Women, Delaware Women's Hall of Fame Committee, and the Delaware Women's Workforce Council.

Know Your Rights - Delaware Abortion HelplineDelaware has a new Abortion Legal Helpline, an initiative led by Delaware’s Attorney General, which will provide free legal advice to anyone in need of guidance after the Supreme Court’s June Dobbs decision. The helpline will offer “know your rights” guidance and referrals to Delawareans seeking abortions, patients seeking to travel to Delaware to obtain an abortion, people and organizations providing support to these patients, and healthcare providers. The Helpline will also develop legal resources for patients, providers, and supporters; provide guidance on organizational policies to support access to reproductive healthcare; research and advise on organizational policies in order to support access to reproductive healthcare; and participate in litigation and other efforts to protect and improve access to reproductive healthcare.

Abortion is legal in Delaware and abortion rights have been codified under Delaware law since 2017. Recently, Delaware’s General Assembly passed additional legislation expanding abortion access for Delawareans and visitors to our state, including laws protecting providers of abortions and out of state residents seeking or receiving pregnancy termination in Delaware by limiting extradition; protecting medical records; shielding patients from civil actions in other states; and expanding the State’s capacity to provide access to abortion and abortion medication.

More information on the Abortion Legal Helpline, Delawareans’ reproductive rights, and abortion resources is available at Delawareans seeking financial support for reproductive care may contact the First State Abortion Fund at (302) 491-9429 or visit Information on obtaining abortion medication is available at A national list of abortion providers is available at or

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For more information about the Office of Women's Advancement and Advocacy, contact:

Melanie Ross Levin

Director of the Office of Women's Advancement and Advocacy
(302) 577-8970