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Medicare Part D Prescription Plan

Diabetic Medications & Supplies Savings

The State of Delaware recognizes that members who are diabetic are healthier when they take prescribed diabetic medications regularly and adhere to the glucose testing protocol their doctors advise. The State of Delaware Diabetes Program provides cost savings to make it easier for you to maintain your health.

For more information, please refer to the following: Diabetes Medications & Supplies Coverage Information and FAQ 

Traditional Blood Glucose Monitors are available at zero cost for eligible State of Delaware Medicare Plan members through Transform Diabetes Care® (TDC).

Please Note: Diabetic supplies designated as Durable Medical Equipment (DME) are not covered under the prescription plan. These include Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems (e.g. Free Style Libre and Dexcom), Insulin Pumps and Supplies. State of Delaware members should contact Highmark Delaware to discuss coverage options for these supplies.

Questions about specific diabetic medications and supplies covered through the prescription plan may be answered by calling SilverScript Customer Service at 1-844-757-0448.