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HIPAA Training for Members of the HIPAA Workforce – Website Access Link

The Website Access Link applies to employees not in the Delaware Learning Center (DLC); Participating Group employees (i.e., Cities, Towns and Fire Companies).

View the online training details , including target audience, length and description.


  1. This course does not contain audio. Navigate through the course by reading the information. This course does not bookmark and should be completed in a single viewing. If you must leave the course, you can scroll through the pages that you have already viewed to reach the content you haven't seen.

  2. Use either Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge to complete the course - DO NOT use Internet Explorer.

  3. If you experience issues with being able to view the online course, try turning off your pop-up blocker.

Follow the instructions below to complete the training:

  1. Access the HIPAA Training for Members of the HIPAA Workforce online course.

  2. You MUST complete the mandatory survey at the end of the course to document your completion and access an optional certificate.

  3. After you complete the course, you are strongly encouraged to set a reminder on your calendar to retake the course when it is due for renewal in one year.