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Aetna – Diabetes Resources

The following resources are available to employees, non-Medicare pensioners and their covered spouses and dependent children who are enrolled in any Aetna Plan.

Available at No Cost

AbleTo provides behavioral health treatment to members identified with certain medical conditions (including diabetes) or who are going through certain life changes. Members can self-refer online or by calling AbleTo at 1-866-287-1802.

The Aetna Member Website includes an extensive library of articles, recipes, and videos created to improve members’ 'health smarts' and inspire members to live happier, healthier lives.

Get free support on managing your health, coordinating your care and meeting your health goals. Call 1-877-542-3862.

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is available to members who meet program eligibility criteria. It is evidence-based, recognized by the CDC and can help participants eat healthier, increase physical activity, lose weight, overcome stress, boost energy and reduce risk of chronic conditions including type 2 diabetes. Learn more.

Save on gym memberships, eyeglasses and contacts, weight loss programs and meal plans, massage therapy and more with the discount programs and services from Aetna. Visit the Aetna Member Website for details on how to get started.

Access a 24/7 staffed Nurse Line by calling 1-800-556-1555 (or via an email link on the Aetna Member Website). Talk with a registered nurse to find out more about diabetes, get help to avoid an unnecessary trip to the emergency room, learn about a medical test or procedure and get help preparing for a doctor visit.

Available with Associated Costs

Diabetic outpatient medical self-care programs are covered for persons with diabetes when such programs meet certain criteria. View your Plan Booklet for more information.

Services are provided for the assessment and guidance of members at nutritional risk due to nutritional history, current dietary intake, medication use or chronic illness. Nutritional counseling is indicated for certain diagnoses, including diabetes. Contact Aetna to learn more.