Delaware Department of
Human Resources

The Hall of Fame of Delaware Women

The Hall of Fame of Delaware Women was first established in 1981 by the Delaware Commission for Women, a former division of the Secretary of State. The induction ceremony is the oldest annual celebration of its kind commemorating Delaware women. The new Delaware Women’s Hall of Fame Committee, created in 2017, is responsible for fostering an understanding of and appreciation for the many contributions of the women of Delaware to their home, community, state and nation. The Committee will continue the Delaware Women’s Hall of Fame’s annual tradition of acknowledging the achievements of remarkable Delaware women.

The Hall of Fame of Delaware Women members  represent a variety of professional fields and backgrounds, including artists, athletes, community advocates, military personnel, public servants, and scientists. Eligible women must have been born in Delaware or resided in the state for a minimum of ten years.┬áThere is no age requirement, and some women are inducted after death.

If you have any questions or need assistance in completing a nomination form, please email the Office of Women’s Advancement & Advocacy or call (302) 577-8970 for assistance.