Department of Human Resources


Employee Engagement

The Employee Engagement section is committed to promoting an understanding of Delaware’s statewide human resources policies, the State’s Merit Rules, and other regulations. Assistance is available to employees of Executive Branch agencies through education and problem solving on sensitive workplace issues. The Employee Engagement section also provides support to other State branches and offices, as appropriate. Communications consist of statewide policy publication and orientation, and response to questions from employees in these areas.

Under the Talent Management, this section is responsible for leading the development, revision and implementation of Statewide Policies and Procedures applying to Executive Branch agencies. This includes formulating policy and procedures stemming from Federal and State of Delaware statutes and decisions, as well as from Merit Rule revisions and guidance and decisions issued by the Merit Employee Relations Board.

The Employee Engagement section tracks Federal and State legislation as it affects State of Delaware agency employment, attends General Assembly committee meetings, and provides input on proposed legislation to the Department of Human Resources and the Governor’s office.

Employee Engagement staff manages the State’s Donated Leave Bank Program; examines USERRA cases; and reviews Annual Leave Carry-over and Merit Employee Probation Extension requests.

Confidential Employee Inquiry

In order to better serve employees on a statewide basis, a toll-free confidential number is available for Merit employees to call with questions or concerns regarding workplace issues. This service includes a confidential mailbox for callers to leave messages. Every effort will be made to quickly return these calls.

Toll-Free Telephone Number for Merit Employees of the State of Delaware:

  • 1-866-462-8411
  • 1-302-672-5195 (Local Dover call)

The State of Delaware Employee Engagement office is committed to serving employees of Executive Branch agencies. If you are a State of Delaware employee of a school district or other educational institution, please contact your human resources office. If you are verifying employment, please contact Experian Verify via their website, call (404) 382-5400, or check out the Employment Verification webpage for additional information.


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