Department of Human Resources


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) section is committed to creating a culture of acceptance and inclusion for people with disabilities and providing the opportunity to enjoy equal access to State programs, activities, services, and employment.

The Statewide ADA section, led by the Statewide ADA Coordinator, serves as a liaison and in-house consultant for interpretation and application of Titles I and II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) for the Executive Branch agencies and the citizens of the State of Delaware.


The Statewide ADA Coordinator develops ongoing efforts to maintain compliance, while monitoring the State’s practices for implementing the ADA, which prohibits State Government from discriminating against employees with qualified disabilities in terms, benefits, conditions, and privileges of employment (Title I).

The Statewide ADA Coordinator works in conjunction with Agency ADA Coordinators to plan and develop methods for addressing requests for reasonable accommodations. Awareness training is conducted, on a regular basis, for achieving and maintaining compliance with ADA for employees with information and resources available regarding the State of Delaware’s commitment to providing individuals with disabilities access to equal employment.

The Statewide ADA Coordinator responds to inquiries of discrimination from the citizens of Delaware. Citizens with qualified disabilities are protected from discrimination in services, programs and activities provided by the State. The Statewide ADA Coordinator acts as a facilitator, providing resolution in response to complaints and/or grievances from the public concerning disability rights. Complaints may be referred to the appropriate agency or organization for the resolution (Title II). Recommendations and methods for reasonable modifications and accommodations are provided to ensure public activities and events are accessible.