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Service Awards

Individual agencies oversee and provide pins to eligible employees. Beginning at five years of service and at each five-year milestone thereafter, employees are eligible to receive a lapel pin featuring the state seal with the years of service noted on the pin. Check with your agency recognition coordinator or your agency HR office if you have any questions.

State Employee Discounts

Information about State of Delaware Employee Discounts

Current State Allowances

Agencies are currently authorized to spend up to $45.00 per employee per year on recognition events, including gifts, space rental, and food. Days off with pay may also be used to recognize employees for high-level awards (such as employee of the quarter). All expected expenses and days off with pay must be included in approved agency recognition plans. Cash equivalents (including gift cards and savings bonds) are not permitted.

Public Service Recognition Week

  1. Held beginning on the first Sunday of May
  2. Delaware Award for Excellence and Commitment in State Service ceremony held as close to the first full week of May each year as possible
  3. Watch for events such as State Employee Discount Nights at local sports venues or parks
  4. Check with your own agency to see if there are any special events or promotions going on
  5. National Public Service Recognition Week website

Other Resources and Articles

  1. Agency Recognition Coordinators  
  2. Statewide Employee Recognition Program Resource Pamphlet  
  3. History of the program - 135th General Assembly, House Bill No. 604: An Act to Amend Title 29 of the Delaware Code by Providing for Employee Recognition Programs. Passed by the House on June 26, 1990, by the Senate on Sept. 25, 1990 and signed into law by Governor Michael N. Castle on October 15, 1990.
  4. Guidelines
    1. IRS Publication 15 B "Cash and cash equivalent fringe benefits (for example, use of gift card, charge card, or credit card), no matter how little, are never excludable as a de minimis benefit, except for occasional meal money or transportation fare."
    2. Delaware Code ' 5950
  5. The Statewide class, Recognizing Positive Results, is part of the Fundamental for Leadership Series, and is offered twice a year.
  6. Articles / Studies
    1. The Value and ROI in Employee Recognition: Linking Recognition to Improved Job Performance and Increased Business Value - The Current State and Future Needs  
    2. Why employee recognition is so important


  1. Nominations for the Delaware Award for Excellence and Commitment in State Service are due on or before January 31.
  2. Nominations for the Delaware Award for Heroism will be accepted throughout the year. (To be included in the May awards ceremony, nominations must be submitted on or before January 31.)
  3. Public Service Recognition Week is held beginning on the first Sunday of May.
  4. Agency Recognition Plans are due when changes are made to the statewide guidelines which result in an agency’s plan being out of compliance.