Department of Human Resources

Organization Performance Management

Organizational Development Model Our Performance Management services provide planned, facilitated, leadership-driven, organization-wide efforts to increase an organization’s overall effectiveness and health. Using planned interventions in the organization’s work processes, the facilitator works with the line management to undertake organizational change involving planning, self-assessment, organization diagnosis, feedback processes, data gathering and measurement, and action planning. The objective is to improve the organization’s capacity. For the most part projects are long-range efforts to improve an organization’s problem-solving and renewal processes. The focus is to improve organization performance and the capacity of the organizational to improve itself. Underlying beliefs about the important components of a healthy organization includes such areas as open communication, mutual trust, the importance of employee involvement, and appropriate decision-making. These services help link training, information, and understanding with agency missions, goals, strategic plans, budgetary resources, and organizational structure.

Performance Management

Facilitation services provided in the areas of

  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Agency Reorganization Planning
  • Relationship Building
  • Team Dynamics
  • Baldrige Award Criteria
  • Process Improvement
  • Systems Thinking

Contact Information:

Larry Trunfio

Organizational Development Specialist
(302) 739-1990