Delaware Department of
Human Resources

State of Delaware Employee Discounts


State of Delaware employees may take advantage of product and service discounts offered by various vendors.

The Statewide Recognition Program provides links to sites that have offered discounts to state employees as an informational service. We don't solicit these benefits and do not consider them for award scoring. The vendors offer them freely, and we aim to ensure there is as much neutrality as possible, so one vendor does not appear favored during any current or future contract bids. Detailed investigations of the offers contained in the links provided are not conducted, and the State neither endorses nor recommends the listed products or services. This is not a comprehensive list. Please contact the individual business or organization for answers to questions about its program.

Generally, all state employees, regardless of branch of state government, are free to take advantage of these discounts; however, limitations on participation may exist for those specific employees directly and significantly involved in the procurement process or who otherwise have an influence on the business offering the discount. Such employees should consult their purchasing director or the Public Integrity Commission for guidance, as appropriate.