Delaware Department of
Human Resources

Governor's Team Excellence Award

The Governor's Team Excellence Awards are presented annually to teams of up to 20 state employees and encourages teamwork by recognizing groups of state employees for their efforts to use continuous quality improvement tools to excel in leadership, team dynamics and communication to produce superior customer service and tangible results. Governor Carney encourages employees to work across state agencies for a more effective and responsible state government.


GEAR-P3 Innovation and Efficiency Award

A GEAR Public-Private Partnership (P3) Initiative

This new award is the result of a cooperative effort between the State, GEAR P3 task force, and Delaware business community, with additional support from the Delaware Business Roundtable and the State Chamber of Commerce. It was created as an apex award within the Governor’s Team Excellence Awards program to expand upon the continuous improvement criteria of the award process. A distinctive change this award brings to the program is the addition of a monetary reward that will compensate employees directly for demonstrating commitment to sustainable continuous improvement.

More information about the award process is available in the nomination form link above.

Governor's Team Excellence Award Recipients

Dealer Portal Team

2017 Award Recipients - Dealer Portal Team, Department of Transportation

2017 Recipient and Finalist Team Summaries  

Delaware Learning Center Project Team

2016 Award Recipients - Delaware Learning Center Project Team, Office of Management and Budget

2016 Recipient and Finalist Team Summaries  

Dealer Portal Team

2015 Award Recipients - Delaware Bayshore Initiative Team, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

2015 Recipient and Finalist Team Summaries