Delaware Department of
Human Resources

Delaware Award For Heroism

The Delaware Award for Heroism was established in 2013, award recipients are presented with certificates to recognize acts of heroism and courage.

Nominations will be accepted throughout the year. To be included in the May awards ceremony, Nominations for the award must be submited by February 28, 2020.

2019 Heroism Award Recipients

Robby Brown, Department of Transportation

Mr. Brown was leaving work on December 4 when he encountered a woman who was straddling the concrete barrier between the shoulder and the roadway below on Route 1. The woman was rocking back and forth and, at times, had both legs over the concrete barrier, leaving her totally unprotected from a fall.

Mr. Brown talked to her from the median below, trying to convince her not to jump. While Mr. Brown was conversing with the woman, someone else called 911. He continued to talk with the woman until first responders arrived and were able to pull her to safety.

Robby Brown, Genevieve Haller, and Kelly Katz, Department of Transportation

On July 30, Mr. Brown, Ms. Haller, and Ms. Katz encountered a pregnant woman in distress outside of the south wing of the DelDOT Administration building.

Realizing she was about to pass out, they worked together to call an ambulance and comfort her until the ambulance arrived. Their quick actions and kindness m!ight have saved her life as well as her unborn child.

Richard Nichols and Robert Stevens, Department of Transportation

On June 22nd, Mr. Nichols witnessed an accident on I-95 between two motorists. He positioned his vehicle in a way to stop traffic and prevent a secondary accident. He then pushed the disabled vehicle across two lanes of traffic on I-95 so that the young motorist and her friend were in a safer area.

Mr. Stevens arrived on the scene to provide assistance with traffic control while Mr. Nichols notified the police and the Traffic Management Center of the accident. They stayed on the scene and told the police the details of the accident.

Chantel Collie, Department of Correction

On Saturday, July 8th, 2018, Ms. Collie received a call from the First State Community Action Agency regarding a mutual client. They had been unable to reach the client for a home AC installation. Ms. Collie tried contacting the client by phone and then went to the client’s home to notify them regarding the air conditioning installation. While at the client’s home, their grandson’s friend had a seizure and passed out on the front porch. Chantel went into action: she quickly called 911, calmed the clients and waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Chelsea Chillas, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

On October 7th, Sergeant Chillas of the Delaware Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police was on routine patrol when she was flagged down by a pedestrian at a water control structure on Route 9. A male victim was clinging to a pipe in swift moving water.

Sergeant Chillas climbed down the water control structure and into the water. She attempted to pull him to safety but the current was too strong. She held onto the victim until others responded and together they were able to pull the victim to safety.

The victim (who I believe is here today) later wrote a heartfelt letter which included “I have played the role of Santa... for about a dozen years. I am sure the 100+ children that visit with me each year are also truly thankful, as I am, for her selfless heroism in saving me that day in October.”

Joseph Adkins, Richard Donahue, Scott Illian, Travis Lowe, Charles Moorefield, Zachary Pettyjohn, Adam Smith, Joshua Wall, and Scott Workman, Department of Correction

Last May, Correctional Officer Smith was conducting a security check when he noticed an offender suffering from an apparent overdose. The offender was unresponsive, so he notified Sgt. Illian who contacted medical staff.

Staff Lieutenant Adkins and Corporal Moorefield responded, while Corporal Pettyjohn and Captain Lowe assisted Officer Smith.

While CPR was being administered, Lieutenant Workman retrieved more DOC Naloxone in case it was needed. Sergeant Wall maintained security of the other offenders.

The offender was revived just as the EMS crew arrived. Correctional Officer Donahue ensured they gained quick entrance and the offender was transported to Beebe Hospital for further treatment.

Marlowe Rhock, Hodle Dorcin, De’Quan Hickson, Mali Lebron, Kelly Lewis, Denise Massey, Ryan Stanard, and Syrita Williams, Department of Correction

On December 5th, the Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA) tried to stop a vehicle on 495, when 12 individuals exited and fled on foot towards the Baylor Women’s Correctional Institute.

DRBA officers contacted the facility and arrived on the grounds where they made contact with Baylor’s senior officer, Marlowe Rhock.

Captain Williams and Captain Massey placed the facility in lockdown and a Delaware State police helicopter located the fugitives in a wooded area. Knowing that the DRBA Officers were severely outnumbered, Officer Rhock made the decision that he and Officer Dorcin would assist with the apprehension.

Several more DRBA officers and a DNREC K9 arrived on scene to provide additional support. Calls were made requesting more assistance and Corporal Lewis, Corporal Lebron, Corporal Stanard, and Officer Hickson arrived on scene.

All suspects were quickly and peacefully taken in custody thanks to the combined efforts of the Department of Correction, DRBA, and DNREC Officers.