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Delaware Award For Excellence and Commitment In State Service

Delaware Award for Excellence and Commitment in State Service is a statewide award established in 1990, given to five State of Delaware employees, or groups of employees, who exemplify the highest standards of excellence and commitment in state service.

The nomination and selection process is outlined in the nomination guidelines. Nominations for the award are due by February 28, 2019.

2018 Event Souvenir Booklet - Learn about nominees and recipients, and see pictures from the most recent event.

2018 Delaware Excellence and Commitment in State Service Award Recipients

DelDOT's Office of the Secretary provides a quarterly legislative report with updates on statewide programs, performance measures, and the Department's major construction projects, including projects in specific districts to members of the General Assembly.

The construction updates are for approximately 150 projects, and used to be completed with basic software, starting with an Excel spreadsheet, then entered in Macro to create sixty-two Word documents. Each Word document was updated one at a time with program information, which took approximately one week to complete.

Mr. Basaran and Mr. Barrett collaborated with DTI contractual workers Jaykumar Patel and Sanjay Kumar, to research and develop a portal that streamlines compiling information for the construction projects, and automates the process of creating individual reports. Since there was no pre-existing software that could perform this task, they developed a custom solution from scratch, utilizing the newest software technology.

Whereas the process used to take a whole week, they brought it down to less than 60 minutes.

In addition to the significant time savings, which also translates to cost savings, legislators, employees, and citizens now have 24/7 access to research the status of all construction projects online. And this was all created in an incredibly impressive three months' time.

In May 2017, the Delaware Superior Court received a commendation from one of their Judges who had just concluded an extremely difficult and sensitive trial. She met with the jurors immediately following the trial and reported, in quotes, "My jury's very first comment at the end of my very difficult trial was a compliment for Erika!!! They told me that she was pleasant and professional and wonderful!"

A comment like this may not seem like much; however, when coming from a group of jurors who just endured a weeklong criminal trial, it speaks volumes that the first comment made is about the Court Security Officer.

When citizens walk away from their experience with the Court, this is what their experience should look like. Ms. Bradley's continuous and outstanding pride and professionalism in serving Superior Court and the State of Delaware can be seen each day through her daily actions, in and out of the courtroom. With her long-standing service, leadership initiative and organizational skills, Ms. Bradley has a hugely positive impact on our reputation and influences the way so many citizens perceive having to serve on a jury.

Mrs. Cloud is a software engineer for the Application Delivery team. Among many accomplishments, her passion is to work with geospatial data (location-based data) and geographic information system (GIS) software and tools, or "FirstMap," which is a GIS solution that provides a centralized repository and enables users to maintain and analyze spatial data.

A major turning point in providing GIS solutions for Delaware came through Mrs. Cloud's efforts to architect an enterprise platform which reduced redundancy and promoted collaboration. She spearheaded and championed the creation of FirstMap, which took more than 40 disparate GIS databases and centralized them into a single source.

The cost savings are estimated at $250,000 per year for licensing and $200,000 through the reduction of hardware and labor support costs. Efficiencies were gained by having a centralized environment where data owners can share data, thus eliminating redundant and siloed data. FirstMap has become a true Open Data Portal for spatial data serving agencies, counties, private sector, other states, education, utilities, municipalities, and all citizens. FirstMap is an international award-winning application through ESRI (Mapping Software) Special Achievement in GIS in 2015.

Revenue mails tens of thousands of letters and other documents to taxpayers each year. Thousands of these letters and documents come back to Revenue as returned mail, which is received by every area within Revenue. Mr. Conner's area processes business licenses, gross receipts returns, withholding returns, and corporate reconciliations, and they receive a substantial volume of this returned mail, which costs Revenue thousands of dollars each year in envelopes, postage and labor.

Mr. Conner recognized that the returned mail was not being processed in a timely fashion or, in some cases, at all. This lack of action often resulted in letters and documents being mailed and returned repeatedly, which quickly multiplies the costs. He identified the need to process the returned mail in a timely fashion, not only to reduce the amount of waste to Revenue, but he also recognized this as a serious customer service issue.

As a result, Mr. Conner's team developed a process which dramatically reduced the amount of returned mail his area sends and receives. This initiative has resulted in both a cost savings to Revenue as well as improved customer service.

Ms. McAtee is a Human Resources Specialist at the Office of Pensions. Not long ago, she discovered, through retiree phone calls, that a series of Employer Group Waiver Plans (EGWP) enrollments had been terminated. She researched the issue and found that the weekly reporting did not identify all EGWP program issues, including enrollment rejections. Therefore, the State of Delaware was paying for prescription coverages that retirees were not eligible to receive.

Ms. McAtee audited 46,271 transactions, from the inception of the program, via archived pre-edit reports and enrollment data within the Comprehensive Retirement Information System. In total, 51 enrollment errors were found during the audit. If these errors had not been discovered, the State of Delaware would have paid nearly $500,000 ($496,304.96 to be exact) through December 31, 2018 for EGWP premiums while the retirees were not receiving prescription benefits. Instead, she was able to correct the records and recoup the previous 12 months of premiums totaling $118,513.68 for the State of Delaware.