Delaware Department of
Human Resources

Educational Discounts

University of Delaware

  • 10% tuition savings on all eligible online Master's degree programs

    The State of Delaware has partnered with the University of Delaware to offer a 10% tuition savings on all eligible online Master's degree programs. This program is available to all State of Delaware employees. See the flyer or go to UD Online for more details.

    All questions related to this discount should be directed to the University of Delaware at (844) 237-1338.

  • Lerner High-Potential Women's Leadership Forum

    This executive education program seeks to change the leadership of regional businesses and organizations by supporting women who could be in senior leadership positions in the next 5-10 years. Women in the program will be challenged to clarify their leadership vision, and then build competencies and a supportive community to achieve that vision.

    The University of Delaware is offering 20% early bird registration as well as a 10% non-profit and state discount.

    1. Check out the Lerner Women's Leadership Forum program description, including the Program Preview document.
    2. Choose the "Register Now" button to take a short survey.
    3. A University staff member will follow up about the Forum logistics, payment etc.

    For more information, please contact George Irvine, Director, Corporate Programs & Partnerships 302-831-4831