Delaware Department of
Human Resources

Delaware Women’s Voices

The Delaware Office of Women’s Advancement and Advocacy (OWAA) recently launched a year-long research project called Delaware Women’s Voices to learn more about the top issues or concerns of Delaware women. The first part of the project was the Delaware Women’s Voices Survey. Thank you to all those who completed the survey! We received over 1,000 responses and we look forward to sharing the results in a future report.

The second part of the project consists of listening sessions. OWAA is holding a series of public forums around the state that invite Delaware women to tell us about the challenges they encounter in their everyday lives. OWAA has partnered with the Division of Public Libraries to hold four listening sessions across the state. It’s important that all Delaware women are well represented in our listening sessions. If you are part of a community organization that can host a listening session, please contact Kim Lowman.

Once the survey and listening sessions have concluded, OWAA will then put together a report that captures the top issues of concern for Delaware women.

Listening Session dates will be available soon.

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