Delaware Department of
Human Resources

Voluntary Reduced Work Hours Policy


December 16th, 2003

The purpose of this policy is to support the creation of a statewide policy on voluntary reduced work hours to provide consistency across state agencies and to ensure conformity with all applicable rules and regulations. This policy supports the Clean Air Act by reducing the number of hours and miles State of Delaware employees spend traveling to and from work. This policy supports the need to control state expenditures and is family-friendly.

Each agency may, upon approval of the agency head, provide for reduced work schedules. Each agency shall determine which reduced work schedules may be available for employees. Such determinations shall be made based upon the operational needs, staffing requirements, service delivery requirements, and back-up coverage needs of the agency.

Individual employees may be permitted, with the consent of their supervisor and the approval of appropriate management to work reduced work schedules. Approval of reduced work hour schedules for individual employees will be based upon consideration of the employee's job performance, special needs, and employee conduct. Certain positions may not be eligible for a reduced work hour schedule due to operational needs. Every employee working a reduced work hour schedule shall do so in accordance with a written agreement approved by the employee, the immediate supervisor, and appropriate management. No changes to or from a reduced work schedule may be implemented without notification of the agency's human resource/personnel office/representative.

Policy and Related Considerations

  • The employee shall have the right to return to the standard work schedule at any time, and the agency may require the employee to return to the standard work schedule any time the needs of the agency require it or for other work-related reasons. Except for documented emergency situations, two weeks notice is required for a change.
  • All employees working at least an 80% schedule who are otherwise entitled to receive health care benefits, will retain those benefits.
  • Typical schedules (for those who work 37.5 hours per week) would be a reduction in work hours of 4, 5 or 7.5 hours per week with equivalent pay reductions of 10.67 percent, 13.33 percent and 20 percent respectively. These typical schedules are just examples and others may be utilized. Holiday pay and leave accrual will be prorated accordingly beginning with the first day of the new schedule.
  • Employees should be counseled about the potential impact of this schedule upon their pension, FICA (social security), Workers' Compensation, Unemployment Insurance and Life insurance benefits before adopting such a schedule.
  • Agencies may make more restrictive reduced work hour schedule policies, but cannot make less restrictive policies.

This policy is not intended to create any individual right or cause of action
not already existing and recognized under state or federal law.