Delaware Department of
Human Resources

Statewide Policies and Procedures

Policy / Procedure Revised
Acceptable Use Policy  
ADA Medical Questionnaire   11/2017
ADA Physicians Memo  
ADA Reasonable Accommodation Procedure  
ADA Reasonable Accommodation Request Form  
Agency Aide Program Procedures  
Alternative Work Schedule 06/2009
Annual Leave Carryover Form   03/2018
Annual Leave Carryover Guidelines   03/2018
Anti-Discrimination, Workplace Harassment and Retaliation Policy   06/2017
Beliefs and Principles   10/2016
Benefit Deduction Policy  
Call-back Pay Guidelines  
Compensation Guidelines   05/2011
Compensatory Time Policy   01/2015
Disciplining Employees Facing Criminal Charges  
Domestic Violence Policy  
Drug-Free Workplace  
Employee Communication to External Groups
Employee File Guidelines  
Employee Organizations and Representation Activities User’s Guide   09/2009
Fair Labor Standards Act: Exempt Employee Salary Deductions  
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Filling Division Director Exempt Positions   08/2009
Fitness for Duty Examinations  
Floating Holiday Policy  
Floating Holiday Policy - Transition Period  
Gender Identity Guidelines  
Human Resources Procedures Manual   05/2014
Interagency Access to Personnel Records during the Hiring Process Guidelines  
Leave Quick Reference Guide   06/2010
Management Principles for the Workplace   10/2016
MERB - Rules Governing Practice and Procedure
Merit System Hiring User’s Guide   07/2017
Military Leave Salary Continuation Guideline   09/2006
Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Guidelines  
Recruitment Procedures Manual   06/2010
Reference Checking Guidelines  
Relocation Guidelines  
Selective Placement Program Procedures   01/2012
Sexual Harassment Prevention 10/2005
Social Media Policy   09/2012
State Active Shooter Prevention Policy Guidelines  
State Active Shooter Prevention Training Video
Telecommuting Agreement  
Telecommuting Criteria  
Telecommuting Policy  
Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy  
Voluntary Reduced Work Hours
Workplace Violence Prevention Procedures   01/2008