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PRINT - Health Benefits Enrollment Form

Health Benefits Enrollment Form  
(Complete the on-line form, print, sign, and then submit to your agency HR/Ben Rep. Do not submit a handwritten copy).

As you review the health benefits portion of the NEO, keep this form handy so that you can follow along and make notes about your benefit options.

Note: All forms that are referenced throughout this orientation can be found on the NEO HomePage/Forms Tab. This form must be completed and submitted to your HR/Benefits Rep by the required deadline or this could impact, even delay your ability to participate in our benefit programs.

PRINT - New Hire Checklist

The New Hire Checklist  
The New Hire Checklist is provided as a one-stop guide to help you gather, organize and process all the key components of your new hire orientation. (You do not need to submit this document. It is for your personal use only.)

Part 1: Identifies all the forms you will need to submit to your HR/Ben Rep.

Part 2: Provides you with instructions if you choose to enroll in any “Additional Benefits”, and

Part 3: Provides you with a list of all the documents you are required to read as part of the new hire process.