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Medicare Prescription Plan - Express Scripts

Options For Receiving Your Medication

Retail Pharmacy

Express Scripts has contracted with retail pharmacies, referred to as “participating pharmacies”. Members obtaining up to a 30-day supply at one time have access to a broad network of retail pharmacies, including most major drug stores and local pharmacy locations. Members can also take advantage of additional savings by filling maintenance medications in a 90-day supply at select pharmacies including Walgreens and other independent pharmacies. To locate a participating 30-day or 90-day pharmacy close to your home or other location, you can call Express Scripts Medicare Customer Services toll-free at 1-877-680-4883 or check Express Scripts' website.

Home Delivery Via Express Scripts Pharmacy

To have a new prescription filled by the Express Scripts Pharmacy :

  • You may mail the prescription, a completed mail-order form, and payment to Express Scripts Pharmacy, OR ask your doctor to fax the prescription to Express Scripts Pharmacy by calling 1-888-327-9791 for instructions.
    (Only your doctor can fax prescriptions.)

  • Refills may be ordered online at Express Scripts.

For more information, call Express Scripts Medicare Member Services at 1-877-680-4883.

Specialty Pharmacy (Accredo and Biotek Remedys)

Some health conditions require medications that are classified as “specialty medications” and are provided through Accredo and Biotek Remedys Specialty Pharmacy. For example, medications used to treat some forms of cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS), hepatitis C, and rheumatoid arthritis are classified and administered as specialty medications. Members may receive their first 30-day fill of a new specialty medication through a retail pharmacy, but must have subsequent refills of the same medication provided by Accredo or Biotek Remedys. Staff from Accredo or Biotek Remedys will reach out to physicians and members to work together in managing the member's prescription needs.

When a member receives medication through Accredo or Biotek Remedys, a patient care coordinator is assigned to that member. The member is welcome to contact the assigned patient care coordinator to discuss his/her prescription needs and health condition. Prescriptions are delivered directly to a member's home with unique packaging, as necessary, to ensure safety.

Accredo's dedicated customer service number is 1-800-803-2523.

Biotek Remedys is located in New Castle, DE and their customer service number is 1-877-246-9104.